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Playa Tortuga is located on the crystal blue Gulf Coast of the Mexican State of Campeche. Lots are located along Mexico Highway 180 and situated between kilometer markers 60 and 62. This location is approximately 17 kilometers (10 miles) southwest from the City of Sabancuy and 54 kilometers (34 miles) northeast from Ciudad del Carmen. Click on the map to view the google earth link.

Standard lot sizes are 20 meters wide (66 feet) and range in depth between 75 and 44 meters on the beach side of the property. Lots remain the same width on the Lagoon side, but depths average 1,000+ meters (3000+ feet). All of the lots are a minimum of 5 acres. Lot widths can be customized to fit your preference by purchasing additonal width  (in units of 5 meters; example 25, 30, 35 . . .) This flexibility allows you to achieve your desired lot size.

Sea Blue Craibe will make purchasing one of the best beach lots in Mexico easy for you, the process is as follows:
Select Your Lot ~ Sign Purchase Agreement ~ Post Your Deposit ~ Contact Attorney ~ Close the Property 
You are now one of the few Beach Owners in the World !

( Sea Blue Caribe can provide an attorney for you if needed to ease the transaction )

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